Hi Noa,

Casey did reply that the job ran, the queue was just full, resulting in a wait time. Another user who had an issue with workflows last week also replied that the processing ran. These don't always get posted back to the list, sorry about that, we generally leave it up to the sender to post replies like that about specific issues.

In your case, the re-running may be contributing to the extended wait. The server is busy, but when you re-run jobs, this causes the new job to be added back to the end of the queue. Your original job that was waiting loses it's place in line and there is a certain amount of processing to exit the job, which can start to delay your other jobs if these are numerous enough. If you continue to do this, the wait could be significantly extended.

The best strategy is to leave queued, waiting jobs alone to run. When a processing window opens, you want your jobs there and available to execute. If for some reason a job fails, one re-run is recommended. If problems persist, please send in a bug report and we can provide feedback about your exact situation.

Hopefully this helps to explain how to best run jobs during peak usage times,


Galaxy team

On 5/12/13 11:46 AM, Noa Sher wrote:
Was this ever resolved? I am in the same situation for 3 days now. I tried to rerun as well - stays marked grey forever.

Jennifer Hillman-Jackson
Galaxy Support and Training

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