We are starting a project in our laboratory which aims to annotate a given set 
of SNPs lying in non-coding DNA from GWAS studies.
We would like to have the most comprehensive view of those non-coding SNPs 
putative and validated functions. 
We've already been through publications about Galaxy and GalaxyENCODE, we also 
been searching for similar request on the FAQ but found no similar request 
dated from 2013. We would like to know about the latest add to Galaxy, as we've 
seen that part of the BEDtools have been integrated to Galaxy for example.

Our question is:

-What Tools available in Galaxy would take as an input a list of non-coding 
SNPs (or DNA regions) identified in our GWAS studies and return annotations of 
those SNPs (annotations such as histones modification, transcription factor 
binding, and other non-coding DNA features around those SNP) ?

We haven't found a searching option on Galaxy that would allows us to look for 
tools by keywords related to their function or purpose. We assumed that we 
might have missed something, thank you for letting us know if there were such 
searching options.

Thanks you very much for your time,

Kind regards,


The Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research
De Boelelaan 1085

  1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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