Dear Sir/Madam,

My Name is Ido Carmel, I am teaching the course titled "Advanced
bioinformatics" in the Faculty of Agriculture in the Hebrew University

This year (around May), I used the Galaxy platform on the internet in a
hands-on session about NGS data analysis. The session took place in one of
the University computer classes with six students participating.

 For some reason, the Galaxy response was very very slow. It was slow when
the students were signing up and also when the students were practicing
very lightweight jobs that usually perform immediately such as "Fastq
trimmer" or "fastq summary" statistics.

Does the slow response was something seasonal or temporal?
Alternatively, does the response is related to the fact that the students
were in one computer room (and possibly all the queries were sent from the
same proxy server)?

I am teaching this course next year, do you have any advice/solution for me?

Best Regards,
Ido Carmel
Ido Carmel, Dr. Yael Heifetz Lab,
Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment, The Hebrew
University, POB 12, Rechovot, Israel.
Tel: (+)972-8-9489222
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