Hi Elwood,

Yes, during the change several accounts are known to have experienced jobs that failed. The solution is a re-run.

I re-run exact duplicates from one of you histories with failures (one of those sent in as a but report - the Talarazole history, Cuffdiff and Tophat in particular) and these were successful after started them later yesterday.

I do see the reported Tophat error - we will investigate.

The Cufflinks run recent reported as errors seem to have an issue with form parameters, likely due to the updated tool version. Adjusting/adding in the labels will most likely resolve this problem (not a simple re-run).

I will get back to you via the bug reports shortly explaining each

Thanks for reporting the issuess - all likely will be resolved quickly. Your feedback is much appreciated!

Galaxy team

On 10/10/13 9:04 AM, Elwood Linney wrote:
Is anyone who had developed histories on Galaxy online before the changeover getting red error messages after the changeover for tophat or cuffdiff processing?

I have now tried a few times to move forward without luck and will remove at least one of my histories and start all over again just in case there is some kind of mismatch in the processing.

Before I remove them all and start them all over, I would appreciate knowing if anyone else has identified where the block is.

Elwood Linney

Jennifer Hillman-Jackson

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