Hi Zain,

Annotations are used with Tophat2 the same way that they are with Tophat.

Open up the full parameters on the tool form and change the option "Use Own 
Junctions:" to "Yes". Here you can now supply gene models as set related 

If actually performing this operation is problematic and producing errors, 
please submit a bug report, leaving inputs and outputs undeleted, so that we 
can troubleshoot. The wrapper is still somewhat new. 

Hopefully this helps & have a nice weekend,

Galaxy Team

Jennifer Hillman-Jackson

> On Nov 1, 2013, at 3:22 PM, Zain A Alvi <zain.a...@student.shu.edu> wrote:
> Hi Jenn,
> I hope this reaches you well. I was trying to use tophat 2 on the public 
> Pennsylvania Galaxy server and noticed that I was not able to supply the GTF 
> file.  Although it lists that providing GTF file is an option on the bottom 
> of the tophat 2. I was wondering if it possible to add the option to provide 
> an GTF file for  Galaxy's Tophat 2.  I have attached a screen shot for your 
> kind review as well. 
> I would really appreciate it if it was possible. 
> -G/--GTF [GTF 2.2 file] 
> Supply TopHat with a list of gene model annotations. 
> TopHat will use the exon records in this file to build a set of known splice 
> junctions for each gene, and will 
> attempt to align reads to these junctions even if they would not normally be 
> covered by the initial mapping.
> Sincerely.
> Zain 
> <Galaxy_Tophat2_GTF.jpg>
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