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Yes, we have similar recent reports of issues with tools from this group and are actively investigating the root cause. It is unknown whether or not python version is related, but right now we are tracking the issues under a single ticket with that as a suspected contributing factor. You can follow this ticket, and any tickets that branch from it, here:

Our apologies for the current inconvenience,

Galaxy team

On 2/23/14 2:40 PM, Mike Montague wrote:
I'm interested in using the Genomic Diversity tools. I've used these with success for a previous project. For this current project, I've converted a vcf file (29 subjects) to a gd_genotype file. When I attempt to specify individuals, the checkboxes for each subject are not present. Without specifying individuals, I am unable to complete other analyses (overall FST, etc.)

I cannot distinguish a difference between the vcf files that were successful from the previous project and this current project's vcf, but I assume there is a format difference that I cannot detect.

I'm using Galaxy at the main site. I executed the jobs on Fri Feb 21 22:09:49 2014 (UTC). I can share the histories of the projects if necessary.


Jennifer Hillman-Jackson

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