On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 9:01 PM, Scott Tighe <scott.ti...@uvm.edu> wrote:
> Peter
> Thank you for your detailed response and I should have noted that I was
> using the Main Public Galaxy. Thank you for confirming that it is down!
> I appreciate your input!
> Scott

Hi Scott,

Galaxy is back for me now, and yes, the Galaxy tool you are
talking about is called Megablast (version 1.2.0), and only
offers these target databases:

htgs 13-Apr-2014
nt 17-Apr-2014
wgs 20-Apr-2014

This Galaxy tool does *not* connect to the NCBI BLAST
service over the internet.

It sounds like the problem was due to the Galaxy team
updating these databases - as Jennifer mentioned?

I don't understand how you got an NCBI web server
error message (in your email to Wayne), but perhaps
you were separately testing the NCBI BLAST service
outside of Galaxy?


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