sorry to bother but now it's the 3rd time I get a message saying that if the 
problem persists I should contact the galaxy staff.

It occurs while running cuffcompare of total RNA to a genomic reference that I 
uploaded myself (Sulfolobus acidocaldarius). It's about MPI processes 
terminated incorrectly if I understood it correctly.

Just to let you know...

These are the details of the generated error:
username    twincacca
quota_percent    32
total_disk_usage    86918246471
nice_total_disk_usage    80.9 GB
email    antoine.bue...@lnu.se
is_admin    false
model_class    User
id    3e934cb0877d45db
source    HDACollection(8fb8cc6fa23b1dbe,99)
readyState    4
responseText    {"err_msg": "Uncaught exception in exposed API method:", 
"err_code": 0}
err_msg    Uncaught exception in exposed API method:
err_code    0
status    500
statusText    Internal Server Error
Server    nginx/1.4.7
Date    Fri, 16 May 2014 08:58:57 GMT
Content-Type    application/json
Transfer-Encoding    chunked
Connection    keep-alive
Cache-Control    max-age=0,no-cache,no-store
parse    true
emulateHTTP    false
emulateJSON    false

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