Bonjour à tous et meilleurs voeux !!!

Super nouvelle, Bravo Johan et toute l'équipe.

Je viens de tenter une installation sur mon site, mais que ce soit en maj
(version actuelle 0.62) ou en nouvelle installation, je me retrouve avec une
erreur :

*Fatal error*: Call to undefined function: adonewconnection() in *
/homepages/.../galette63/install/index.php* on line *384*

C'est une installation chez 1&1, en mySQL 5.0.

Une idée ?



2009/1/6 Johan Cwiklinski <>

> Hello everybody and happy new year,
> The Galette Team is glad to announce the release of Galette 0.63!
> For those who don't know Galette yet, it is a Project to manage the
> members of your association. Galette is a Free software, licensed under
> the GPL licence. In French, Galette means Extremely Sophisticated but so
> Efficient On-Line Membership Manager (in French, a "Galette" is a sort
> of cake, usually French people eats the "Galette des rois" for the
> Epiphany).
> Here are the updates for the new version:
> - Added transaction management,
> - Added dynamic fields management, to add more fields and to translate
> their labels easily,
> - Members can now self subscribe to your association,
> - Use of the Smarty template engine, for which the rewriting of all the
> html pages as compliant XHTML was necessary,
> - Update ADODB 4.7.1 to 4.9.2,
> - Use of gettext for translations,
> - Added Spanish translation (the translation is not yet over,)
> - It is now possible to upload a personal logo,
> - So much bug corrections.
> The packaged installation program allows you to update your previous
> Galette version. The update is then much more easy to achieved.
> You can now download the latest version from:
> Here are some links that may be useful:
> - The Frequently Asked Questions:
> - Galette's install howto:
> - Galette's update howto:
> In case of problem, you can report bugs through the Gna! interface at
> If you are interested in the project, feel free to join the development
> team! (
> I would like to thank all the development team, who made this 0.63
> version possible, and I would like to thank Tuxfamily (web hosting
> service - as well as Gna! (source code repository,
> tasks, bugs and chat user interface - I also want to
> thank all the person who have tested this version again and again and
> which allowed us to correct some unexpected problems.
> The very kind Galette Development Team.
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