Hello team, good afternoon

I am Marc Andreu, I am new to Galette. I managed to install and run the
application without any issue, it works very well.

I would like to import the contacts that I have in gmail to the mysql DB.

Johan, pointed out that some of you have been working in something similar.
He told me to check goobook, a Python program to fetch the google contacts.

I managed to install and run goobook as well, I have the goobook_cache.

My question now is, what to do with this cache, I can not find the spec
about what format follows that data structure, how do I use that data?

Could be very good if any of you have any further information about this
issue, as I am getting stuck on how to import contacts with goobook.

Many thanks team, all the best

 Marc Andreu Fernàndez.
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