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Asunto: [Bug 368055] [gl-ES] Galician: Firefox
Data: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 03:40:07 -0700
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A: dmunhiz

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--- Comment #20 from Gervase Markham <gerv>  2007-09-19 
03:40:04 PDT ---
To everyone CCed on this bug: we want to apologise for our unresponsiveness.

We are now making a big effort to get in touch with the l10n teams we 
have left
behind, and get everything back on track. We have written some documentation
outlining the process:

So please get together, create yourself an L10n wiki page for Galician as it
says, and you will become the official Galician localisation team. (Unless
there's a dispute you can't solve, we aren't going to choose who gets to 
be the
boss or how the work is divided up; you need to decide that among 
Then please make language packs for the latest versions of whatever products
you want to do, as that bug requests. Is is at that stage that we consider
packs for official status (i.e. shipped by the MoCo with Firefox at the 
time of
a new release).

If people feel that they no longer want to be involved, I am very sorry 
that. We will try to do better in future.


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