the Thunderbird developers have also discussed the timing of the 
overall string freeze for the final Thunderbird 3 release. Our 
proposal is to freeze all strings for Thunderbird 3 on September 
29 2009, giving localizers a minimum of 4 weeks time before the 
first release candidate (RC1). 

Please note that this date is preliminary at this point and will be 
reviewed as we approach the beta4 release date. We could move it 
forward if we are happy with the strings at b4 or we could move it 
back a bit if really needed. 

However, the 4 weeks timeframe to get your localization in shape 
will remain in place. So if we decide to move the string freeze 
date forward or backward, localizers will always have at least four 
weeks to work on their localization for Thunderbird 3 without any 
string changes. 

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