Hi all,

This is a mail for updating you on the status of the Galician Language Team. 

Early at 2005 Galician Government decided to support the Galician language
translation efforts -providing things like money, servers, financing
community events, directly hiring people or contracting companies for 
specialized linguistical services, among others. It was nice and thanks to
this support we accomplished a lot of goals. One of them was producing a full
translated multimedia free desktop -where Mozilla was the chosen project to
provide the networking suite. I was coordinating those efforts.

Unfortunately things changed a lot during this year. Financing was cancelled
and people started to be fired without replacement. In my case all provided
resources were suddenly closed off including phone, mail address and the like
-just before EU MozCamp, preventing me to assist. All the people still working
has no other oficial foresight than beeing fired on 2009 12 31 -beeing this the
case of both Antón and Javier, who were helping me with translations. At that
same date the servers maintenance and power supply contracts are expected to
end auch.

Even when this was previously stated [1]: my commitment with open source and
galician language started before than beeing hired so it will not end just
by beeing fired. What means: my commitment with the Mozilla project remains
unchanged. I don't know which is the exact situation of the other team
members of the galician team, so I will contact them next to proceed 
according to their own position/ preferences.

Now I'm progressively recovering my previous connectability, updating myself
about project's status as well as updating other people about the situation.
So, as a necessary step, I'd like to ask you to please forward this 
info wherever it needs to be forwarded, and also to please update your 
own addressbook replacing any other mail address with the current one: 

suso.baleato en gmail.com

For sure I missed a lot of mail and perhaps some alerts during last weeks so
please don't hesitate to contact me related to that and I'll do my best.

Even when news are not exactly the kind of the very nice ones, I see this
situation as a good chance to boost the strenght of the galician language 
translation community. I will be contributing with that objective in mind.

Best regards,

[1] http://listas.mancomun.org/pipermail/g11n/2009-July/002319.html


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