Ola xente.

Recibín este correo por parte do staff de Mozilla. Nel comentan a
posibilidade dos motores de busca e os "lates headlines". Que

Rápidos, porque se está na última fase de Firefox 4 e xa vamos
pillados de tempo. Se hai algunha proposta e non é moi complicada
implantala, intentarase, senón haberá que facer presión para que saia
en galego a versión oficial de Firefox 4, que vai costar, pero isto
podería axudar demostrando que a comunidade está viva.

Un saúdo.

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Date: 2010/10/13
Subject: [Bug 603970] New: [gl] Firefox 4.0 productization review for Galician
To: eu en keko.me

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          Summary: [gl] Firefox 4.0 productization review for Galician
   Classification: Client Software
          Product: Mozilla Localizations
          Version: unspecified
         Platform: All
       OS/Version: All
           Status: NEW
         Keywords: productization
         Severity: normal
         Priority: --
        Component: gl / Galician
       AssignedTo: nobody en mozilla.org
       ReportedBy: stas en mozilla.com
        QAContact: galician.gl en localization.bugs
       Depends on: 603298
           Blocks: 603935

As you might have seen in the newsgroups or on the Mozilla blog, there's a
couple of changes to search engines planned for the 4.0 release for en-US:
<http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev.l10n/msg/81073d8d67e1c4c3>. We
would like to use this opportunity to review the current productization setup
for Galician and make any changes that you think will be good for our users.

What is a productization review?

Here's what we're interested in:
* search engines,
* protocol handlers,
* feed readers,
* live bookmark.
You can see what your locale currently ships with at

Please take a moment and review the choice of services available by default in
your locale. If there have been any new services that have recently gained
popularity and that offer good value for the users, please suggest adding them
to your locale. On the other hand, if there are services that lost credibility
(e.g. display too many adds) or have poor user experience, consider suggesting
that we remove them. If in doubt, feel free to make a suggestion and we'll look
at it together. You might find the guidelines at
<https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Productization> and
<https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Firefox/Productization> helpful, too.

Required changes

There's two things I would like to draw your attention to (if applicable):

1) if you have a google.xml file in your `searchplugins` directory, please
remove it,

2) Bloglines is closing down on November 1st and we need to remove it from the
feed reader options for all locales (see bug 595485). We suspect that it will
make sense to move Google Reader up to the first position (if your locale has
it). We will be offering technical help with this change, either in form of
ready-made patches or a mass-landing by one of the l10n-drivers. If you don't
think that moving Google Reader up is a good idea for your locale, please let
us know!

Changes in en-US and en-GB

Here's the changes that we will be making in en-US and en-GB:
* add Bing as the 3rd general search engine (see bug 603298),
* remove Answers,
* remove Creative Commons.

We're making these changes in en-US and en-GB because we feel that they follow
the recent market trends and user preferences in the US and the UK. We would
like to go through the same thought process for your locale and see if any of
these changes would make sense in Galician builds as well. If you decide that
implementing these changes would be in your users' best interest then please go
ahead and include them in the patch you'll attach to this bug.


Please make suggestions for changes and attach patches that Seth, Axel or I
will review. Please note that since Bing provides a global plugin which does
the locale detection itself, you will only need to add "bing" to your list.txt
if you decide to include it. The XML file will be automatically pulled from

Once a review is granted, you can land the patch on l10n-central if your locale
actively maintains it. Otherwise, please wait for further instructions which
will be put in the comments of this bug and announced in mozilla.dev.l10n
(we're still unsure when the branching will happen). Please do not land any
changes except for the required ones (google.xml, Bloglines) on 1.9.2.

If you do not wish to make any changes, let us know, and we'll only work on
removing Bloglines.


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