Does anyone have any testing suites for new builds of Gambas?  I want to  
test the 3.9.1 Gambas build on Centos 7.

For some background, about 5 months ago I managed to get Gambas 3.8.4 RPMs  
(binary and source) built and working on Centos 7. I was quite happy with  
this, the only thing missing was SDL2, this didn't work due to some  
missing dependencies.  I never used SDL2 in any of the tiddly little progs  
I developed, so it was no great loss to me.

With the release of 3.9.1, I decided to have a try at building this latest  
version and due to a combination of updated RPMs and my increasing  
knowledge I now also have SDL2 working.  So far my testing of the new  
Gambas build consists of downloading projects from the "Software Farm" and  
running them.  This is obviously not a very thorough testing regime and  
before I do anything else with the RPMs, I would like to test as much as  

So this is where you come in, if anyone has a test suite of any kind they  
run against new (or old) builds of Gambas then I would be grateful if you  
could provide them.

Jim Brown

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