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> I have no opinion for or against. But what would the extensions do? I think
> the IDE pretty much have all the possible useful things..?
> I guess something special without general usage. I would be interested in
> hearing some ideas.
> Jussi
Here's a few we have already (not farm produce though).

A class skeleton code builder/rebuilder. It parses a class and allows visual 
addition/modification/deletion of properties, methods, etc. It doesn't provide 
or allow for editing for actual procedural code but does build code for 
accessors and some other mechanical procedures (such as skeleton code for 
initialising the class infrastructure in the constructor. (It also reformats 
the code so that all procedures are layed out in groups: public, private, (some 
other mechanicals we use), accessors, handlers.)

A form reviewer: This utility provides a means to review a Gambas3 form 
definition file highlighting missing features (tooltips etc) and duplicated 
features (shortcuts and accelerators). It is meant to assist in checking that 
all the useability factors of a form in a project have been completed properly 
before releasing the containing project.

A library component installation manager: This project:
* displays information about gambas <b>applications, libraries and 
components</b> that are either installed on the local computer or which have 
installable packages,
* highlights packages that have been superseeded (i.e. there is a later package 
version available),
* provides a mechanism to install specific package versions on the local 

A task manager: Simple, "emphasis" on simple, to do list for gambas projects - 
just what the world needs, another todo list! :-)

A tool to "generate a procedure to handle command line arguments suitable for 
the gb.args component."

Several other code generators suitable only for the way we "do things" here.

So I for one would prefer to see that there was no forced dependency on the 
farm. i.e. allow for locally installed tools. In fact, given the current state 
of versioning in the farm using a shared extension would leave the client 
developer at the whim of the extension developer. Suppose version 1.2 of an 
extension is the one I want to use even thought there is a version 3.6 

(in fact back in gambas2 days we had modified the IDE to allow for such 
extensions (I called them "AddIns"). It was fairly simple to implement in the 
gb2 IDE code and provided almost all of what Benoit mentioned (passing the 
project context, current class etc) and also had it's own "manager" to allow 
for adding/removing/activating/deactivating specific addins. 

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