one of the things I felt Gambas was lacking, was unittests. When I was
developping software with Gambas I always had a couple of testmodules in
my projects lying around, but it was not very satisfying. Especially,
because I had to rewrite stuff for each new library.

So I searched for elaborated solutions for unittests for Gambas, but
couldnt find one.

The only thing I found was an old framework written in Visual Basic,
called ComUnit. It was kind of software archeology to understand, how
this thing worked as I decided to fork it. And it took a couple of days
(fortunately I suffered with influenza, so I had a little time) to
rewrite it for Gambas.

But now it is usable, it works in my projects, with Gambas 3.9.

It is basic (sic!), there are no parameterized tests, I do not know,
whether it is secure, whether classes are exposed unnecessarily, whether
it is useful for automation of tests and it's a mixture of mine and the
original author's coding style. But I think, it could be a good
beginning. It's here:


And in the Software Farm. But naturally more recent at Github.

I would be glad if you could try it out. "Throw an eye on it" as the
crazy Germans say ;-)

Alles Gute

Christof Thalhofer

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