can someone recommend me a good documentation place, please. I am a person
who needs an example, mostly. The officail documentation does not help me
often, it seems to me it uses the same word for explaining itself. normaly I
am not so bad in abstraction...

It gets irritating when i get completly different results doing exact as in
the official documentation, example translation. I can tell more, but don't
want to go off topic. I am aware of that the documentation is as complex as
the programming itself, have been through that many times in my job life, so
you have my understanding. Thanks in advance.

Would it be any help if I write some small projects, with which can help
newbies? (like me. I am not a newbie for real, was with gambas very early,
but had brakes, due to illness). I find the small sniplets very useful,
sometimes only one line gives the aha-effect. I am mostly into using mysql
with direct access, not the built in objects.( oldfashioned, almost
prehistoric,  line by line programmer who likes the full control) . In the
moment I  make a project I call Sniplets: reading out the structures of a
mysql (or any DB), and prepare them for easy to make formulas for the data
handling on this table. If done well, a new programm is made in 0.5 secs,
avoding very much boring typing. In phpmyadmin one can do it too, but this
is a little more advanced. I plan one easy template and one some more
complex to use in combination with Sniplets (i called). To be clearer,
Sniplet is a code generator.

Many have given me help, not at least BenoĆ­t, thanks to you!, whom I must
have made desperate with tiny things. I want to give something back, the
humble things I can, meassured against the huge project Gambas grew up to.

kind regards

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