Le 18/10/2016 à 13:18, Piper984 a écrit :
> OK, thanks for continuing to look into it!
> In case it helps: Below is a Python script + Gstreamer lib where setting the
> URL property behaves as expected.  It just toggles between playing two video
> clips, setting the URL property when the 'about-to-finish' event fires. Not
> sure if this will be of any use, but it might?  I ran this script w/ Ubuntu
> 16.04 and GStreamer 1.8.2, which is a different system than the one I
> originally asked about.  I have confirmed that running Gambas 3.9.0 on the
> same system that the Python script below runs doesn't behave as expected.
> Thanks again!

OK, I understood the problem:

If you want to define the next media to play, you HAVE TO do it during 
the 'about-to-finish' GStreamer signal, which is not run in the main thread.

As Gambas is not multi-threaded, its 'AboutToFinish' event is a delayed 
version of the 'about-to-finish' signal, raised in the main thread.

And apparently, setting the uri outside of the 'about-to-finish' leads 
to unexpected result, and to deadlock on my system.

When I say that GStreamer is an huge sensitive beast... :-/

Now I will try to find a workaround.


Benoît Minisini

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