On 12/01/2017, מיוסט שרון <sha...@455.co.il> wrote:

> But my question
> When the table has 3 rows and each row has two columns
> I want to get to the "Text" there is a row 3 column 2
> I do not see such a possibility

I struggled with something similar recently.  I think I know what you
mean and if I'm right you may have to adapt this code to fit your
needs.  This might, or might not, be what you are looking for.

Dim iMaxRows As Integer

  iMaxRows = ColumnView1.Count

  ' populate variables from columnview
  For iCount = 0 To iMaxRows - 1
    myVarA = ColumnView1.Item[1]
    myVarB = ColumnView1.Item[2]
    ' do whatever else

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