Thanks, Christof. This looks good.
I'll have a look at it.

Am 19.05.2017 um 08:59 schrieb Christof Thalhofer:
> Hello Matti,
> Am 18.05.2017 um 20:18 schrieb Matti:
>> My idea was: entering the beginning of a word in a ComboBox, the list should 
>> display all the possible matches, then either select from the list or narrow 
>> the search by entering more letters.
>> This works perfect - but when I fill the list with the matches, my search 
>> string (= ComboBox.Text) is overridden with the first result of the search. 
>> So there is no chance of searching farther.
>> Ok, I have built the same now with a TextBox to search and a ListBox to show 
>> the results, but I still wonder why. It would be far more elegant...
> You may have a look here:
> Alles Gute
> Christof Thalhofer

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