I am playing around with the daily version 3.10.90 of Gambas from Launchpad.

As I have all my codebase in Git I see now, that the Gambas IDE does a
lot of magic by itself. If I add a new module/class it automagically
adds it to the staging area of the current Git project.

Sorry, but I do not like that! Never! I want to compose my commits in
the staging area by myself and do not want to have to throw out things
that the IDE added there only because of the fact that I have added a
file ...

For me this is annoying and in my opinion it is also against the
philosophy behind Git. Because: Git encourages the user to do
fine-granular commits. For that the staging area exists, so that one can
pick only those changes out of the working dir, which belong to the
current commit.

In the current state the Gambas IDE is counteracting this.

Is there the possibility to switch that behaviour off generally (for all
projects on my computer)? I need that badly.

But generally: In my opinion it should be off by default, because it
leads to bad behaviour of not so skilled programmers.

Alles Gute

Christof Thalhofer

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