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I share your sentiments and bore no sympathy on those
sacked/downtrodden.  One thing worth noting is that
this president has become a lot smarter than 8-10
years ago...smarter with POLITICS that is.  It used to
be that people get hired and fired without REASON. 
Compare that to recent firings.  As an outsider
peering in (US & other western countries), the
DISGUISE that this presidency is certainly a role
model for other presidents in Africa, has never been
more pronounced. 

Also, in his statements regarding Deyda Hydara's
murder, he noted the FACT that there are numerous
fly-by-night journalists in The Gambia whose
credibility and credentials (if any) may be tainted
with monetary support coming from the Opposition.  The
problem for the opposition is that there is still not
a UNIFIED voice that resonates at high octaves with a
high sense of URGENCY.  

As long as we choose to be divided in GOAL (in the
opposition that is), I see no ends or means to the
nullification of injustice in The Gambia.  The road to
hell in The Gambia is indeed paved with good
intentions, and many a soul have now chosen to tread
that path.  We should all strive and give our
bona-fide support to the Opposition come 2006.  



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If memories served me right, the sacked SOS Mboob was
hired the same time with our own spin doctor Janneh
and later Seedy Morro Sanneh who chooses to go against
their principles of taking Jammeh and his government
to task. They have to either choose to be
contemporaries to the devil or the people . 

I assumed is a wake up called to Spin doctor Janneh
and others to be mindful of the person they trusted to
be doing a just service to the nation. These guys were
warned several times about this Jammeh guy all along.
But as they chooses to be hired as SOS, I see any
reason to be sympathetic to them when they are sacked
like their predecessors.

One of Jammeh's slogan, Many head will roll. 

Conteh Julla

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This message was sent to GambiaTalk by: "burang
conteh" SoS Mboob, Kassama sacked
By PK Jarju
Mar 3, 2005, 08:12

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In accordance with sections 71 (4) (b) and 71 (5) of
the Constitution, President Yahya Jammeh has yesterday
removed Sulayman Sait Mboob and Yankuba Kassama,
secretaries of state for Agriculture and Health and
Social Welfare respectively from their positions.
According to a press release issued yesterday evening
from the Office of the President, President Jammeh who
has from immediate effect reassumed the portfolio of
the department of state for Agriculture, has appointed
Dr Alhaji Tamsir Mbowe as SoS for Health and Social
Welfare, and Margaret Keita, a former accountant
general, as SoS for Finance and Economic Affairs.
The release stated that SoS Mboob’s removal was due to
erosion of gains already made to revitalise the
agricultural sector in the recent past. It added that
under SoS Mboob’s tenure, “there occurred a serious
error of judgement in the procurement of groundnut
seeds at great expense which were declared certified
seeds to farmers only to be found of a very poor

Furthermore, this year’s groundnut trading season,
unlike previous years, was sufficiently provided with
funds but suffered from logistical breakdowns creating
numerous frustrations to farmers”.
Gaye... to be redeployed
With regards to SoS Kassama, the release explained
that his removal was also “due to the lack of response
to several exhortations to put things right in the
health sector without success regarding continuous
pilferage of Government drugs by health workers,
frequent disruptions in the drug supply chain
resulting in frequent public complains about shortage
of drugs, proliferation of expired foods in the public
food supply system and general lack of clear direction
in major health facilities like Bansang Hospital,
leading to numerous instances of instability amongst
staff.” It added that the health sector is still to
fully account for resources provided to purchase
bio-larvicides in support of the Roll-back Malaria

The release said whilst Margaret Keita assumes the
porfolio of Finance and Economic Affairs, Mousa Gibril
Bala-Gaye, the incumbent SoS, will be redeployed. 

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history, it has been the inaction of those who could
haveacted, the indifference of those who should have
known better, the silenceof the voice of justice when
it mattered most, that has made it possiblefor evil to
triumph."-His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie

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"Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have
acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence
of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible
for evil to triumph."
-His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I

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