The flapping flag sound I can do. I have one around somewhere in my huge 
collection of wav effects.
As for the lights I did not know that, but I was simply planning on 
adding a feature that announces the color of the flag, and announces 
when the flag changes color.
As for Jim's sound effects what are you talking about? I got a big zero 
from James North on that score. He never gave me the esp file containing 
all the effects which pretty has me screwed. I am still trying to get my 
hands on the esp file that shipped with the beta that the beta testers had.

Gary Whittington wrote:
> No, but thinking what may sound like it and it may be found.
> A flag in a breeze.  I know someone could even create that.
> Then have several flags sounds you could use a flag sound being wiped 
> around.  That would not be during the race but made a special effect in 
> menus or buttons.
> Just brain storming more here.  As you know that lights are also used to 
> indicate the color of the flag.  These light post are put around the track 
> for drivers can see if the flag turns yellow or red and wehn racing resumes 
> green.  I think a good idea would have certain sounds for the different 
> colors.  Now where the post are set at on the track can help also driving. 
> The gamer could hear a sound from the post say a certain beeping, besides 
> telling the driver the flag is still green, but turn 3 is coming up.  and 
> the driver should make its move down to the inside, gear down, or break hard 
> to the left depending on the track of course.  IN fact if the driver is in 
> the track groove they should be hear all the sound post.
> So, in effect using those other RaceWay sounds for turning can still be used 
> when that driver is not in the groove, but it wold be nice to know that I am 
> in the correct path to get around the track the fastest.
> Lastly, you had not mention if there was a included sound effect from that 
> Jim's group of sounds for the yellow line.  It would be nice to have a 
> Yellow line warning as well.
> Crash

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