Hi all
When I was playing jim's monopoly I was  playing  for a  while  with the 
background music on when the tokens move. That sound really sounds spooky to 
me.  phil, are you going to use a similar sound in sarah ?That sound scared me 
so, I turned it off.  Shortly after I heard that sound, when somebody in the 
house was passing my room I got a fright as if a ghost was near me. That sound 
is really scary.  
Jim please don't feel I'm criticizing you.  Monopoly is  a great game.   I just 
intend to ask  phil please not to  add  a  similar sound in sarah. That would 
really cause  me to be scared the whole night as I lie in bed. That sound  is 
still all right in the  monopoly game, but if you  use that sound in sarah, its 
really scary.  
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