HI all
I would  very much like to know how its possible for the computer to 
randomise. Take a game like pipe2.  How did they program the game so that 
the computer randomly choose an item. Randomising sounds to me like a 
supernatural thing.  I know that programmers puts  if statements  into their 
code:    if this happens do this.  but how do they write a program to 
randomise; to randomly pick an item from others?  I think this is how dice 
games such as jims' games and GMA dice works. The moment you press a  key to 
throw the dice the computer first plays a sound of a   dice thrown and then 
it randomly  decides on a number within a range depending on the dice you 
are using, because there could impossibly not be a physical dice in the cpu.
How do a programmer tell  the computer to randomise? Is it only one 
statement in his code? Does the programmer   for instance put a line in his 
code that tells the computer: randomise?
Is randomising a function built into the computer or do the programmer have 
to instruct the computer on how to randomise? because as far as I know, a 
program is a set of instructions which tasks the computer should perform. I 
can't play pipe2 on my computer if I don't have the program because the 
computer doesn't know  how to present pipes to fit and side scrollers 
without instructions.   Because randomising is, as far as i know, mostly 
used in games, I  thought it would  be appropriate to ask it here.
I'm just curious how it happens that the computer gets its ability to 
randomise within a game. 

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