Hi Sean,
Yeah, there are several kinds of cyborgs. There are those like in the 
movies Cyborg 1 and 2 that are very human looking with organic skin, but 
mechanical in nature. There is the type of cyborg where the human brain 
is placed in to a robotic body. There is the Star Trek type Borg white 
skinned, half organic half machine, with  obsessive assimilation 
compulsion. Well, even Darth Vader was a cyborg. Especially, after the 
butt kicking he took in Revenge of the Sith, legs wacked off at the 
knees one arm wacked off at the elbo thanks to Count Dooku in Attack of 
the Clones, he has a computer in his chest, breathing regulator  to 
breath with. so as Obi-Wan commented in Return of the Jedi he is more 
machine now than man. Grin.

Sean Mealin wrote:
> When I think of the cyborgs, I think of cibermen from Doctor Who.
> Or, maybe Borg from Star Trek, but with out the O-C-A syndrome. 
> (Obsessive, Compulsive Assimilation syndrome.)

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