HI all
When I was on holiday I spent time with my brother and his children have a
ps2 play station. I played a bit on the play station with the help of my
brother's child. He told me which buttons on the joystick to press and it
was cool feeling how the joystick vibrates when I  kill an enemy.
We played a game called ragid and plank. Well that is how you pronounce it.
Its really a cool game. I think its almost like treasure hunt. In the game
you also shoot a lot of enemies and you have to jump onto leafs and over
acid pits. That's really a game I would like to see become accessible.
My brother's daughter and me played finding Nemo. It's a game they based on
a movie. That would also be nice to see become accessible.
And then we played a game called sing star where you have to sing and earn
points. The lyrics shows on the screen. Its almost like carioki, the only
difference is: the full band sings as usual. You can't take away the
artist's voice while singing. For example if we sing up town girl of Billy
Joel the original Billy Joel track plays as usual, but then you sing with
The game is very lenient for it doesn't judge you on how well you know the
words but how well you know the tune.
My sister's children also had such a sing star game but with tracks on it
which is not so popular and easy to sing than the 80s tracks.  There was
only one song on that cd which I knew and that's a song of the rolling
stones from a movie.
I new none of the words and my sister's children couldn't read the words to
me because it was too quickly changing on the screen but I got the highest
points just because I knew the tune; I lha lha lha the whole time on the
tune and I was getting the highest score.
I earned a medal on that song. You can earn different trophies if I may call
them like that. I think the smallest one is a face, then you get a duck, and
then a medal. I can't remember the others.
A song my sister's youngest girl loved to sing was tick tock. The song
begins where the woman is sitting in front of the piano and tries to
practice singing a song while accompanying herself, she only sang and played
a few notes, then she slammed the piano and stood up and then you hear a
clock ticking for a while and then you hear a sound like a car starting up
and then the song begins and in the song they sing:
What you waiting what you waiting what you waiting for?
Can you remember that song?
Anyway do you think an accessible sing star is possible? Then one could
script jaws to read the words as they come up and in this way you would then
listen to the words a few times and then know it by heart later on.
Is it possible for a blind person to play games on the ps2 without any
sighted assistance?

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