Hay all
I also got as far as the room with the mosquito robot. I can hear an object
beeping meaning there is something to pick up, perhaps the mosquito spray ,
but I just can't find my way to pick  it up. Everywhere I bump into walls
and  step into acid, I just can't follow that beep to pick up the item.  The
robot fires at me and he drains my health quickly. I wonder if the mosquito
spray isn't perhaps in prior rooms but I couldn't find any.
I tried firing at the mosquito robot with my ax and  rifal  and my acoustic
site do make a sound to indicate where the robot is but I just can't seem to
fire at him successfully. I picked up the acoustic site and with the prison
guard robot  it made a loud  and clear beeping sound and I fired
successfully, but with the mosquito robot I just can't   get it right.
Has anyone came further than I did?

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