HI phil and all
I'm patiently waiting for the game to be released. I just have a couple of
I came across many similarities between pack man and sarah. According to my
understanding, by reading both games'  manuals, pack  man and  sarah works
on the same principle.Where you are  eating dots and the bonus object in
pack man you pick up coins, magical items and sweets insarah.
Is the ghost orchestra something similar to the poltergeists in the ghost
home in pack man?
Will the sarah  manual that is included with the game once it is  released
differ from the manual you  put up on your website which we can read at this
Long ago you said that one will not get stuck in the game completely if one
doesn't have an understanding of harry potter books, but reading  harry
potter books do benefit you in playing the game.
Phil you said  that for those who haven't read the harry potter books, you
will include a harry potter excerpt in the manual.
Am I correct that sarah and pack man works on the same principle?
I would like to know if the passages in sarah is like those in pack man.
In pack man you will never get a passage where pack man will say|: the
passage  terminates abruptly, except if you enter a power pill alcove which
is  empty, in other words if you ate the power pill and you pass by that
same  alcove later on and you enter that same  alcove again, pack man will
say: the   passage terminates abruptly.
But other than that no passage in pack man  terminates abruptly. It's a
round passage just turning left  or right all the time. Well the passages
terminates but not  abruptly,  the passage either terminates in a left or
right turn.
Is the passages insarah going to work on the same principle or  will there
be passages insarah that ends abruptly like in sod?
In sod, a passage terminates abruptly meaning you have to turn 180 degrees
to go the other way, you cannot turn left or right.   At most levels in sod,
at the end of the level, you will get a door and then the eva will say: the
passage terminates abruptly. In pack man you never have to turn 180- degrees
if a passage terminates, its either a left or a right turn.The manual said
that the dungin level is level 11 and the ground floor and basement is level
1. but suppose I buy the full game and I'm playing in chapter1 which is the
ground floor and basement, is it possible to go directly from chapter 1  to
chapter 11 or do I first have to play chapters 2 through 10?.
Once I'm in the dungin is It possible to go back to chapter1 which is the
ground floor and basement?
And  chapter 12 is the kwiditch pitch and chapter 13 is something else. I
thought the kwiditch pitch is the final challenge in the game, why  is
kwiditch pitch then chapter 12 with chapter 13 being  something else?
My intentions is pure. Phil is a great developer, I will patiently wait for
him to release the game.
Phil is really an awesome developer. My intention with All These  questions
is not to ask for spoilers,  in other words, if phil or anyone can answer
these questions, it will not spoil the game before I even bought it.
The thing is guys : I don't want to buy a game  which is very complex. I
know the manual clearly said:  game play is simple.
It sounds to me from reading the manual that sarah works the same as pack
man. Sarah is in a certain sense a bit more extensive. In pack man you only
eat  dots and the bonus object and scare and avoid 4 ghosts.
In sarah you pick up numerous kinds of objects and eat stuff and you scare
not only ghosts but creatures by casting spells instead of eating a power
pill and you also unlock doors in magical ways.
Something else which puzzles me: I noticed that the divination classroom is
a chapter on its own.  Is one classroom a large playing area where I can
also pick up objects and scare creatures?
Does every single chapter in the game entails picking up objects or running
from ghosts.
Can I get by in the game with only the manual's instructions without having
to read and memorize  harry potter books?
I suppose so. like the sweets, like you told me earlier. The harry potter
reader will know from reading the books that cockroach clusters decreases
the character's magical energy, but for those of us who didn't read harry
potter books  we have to  taste the sweets and from that distinguish which
ones is good for sarah.
The following  statement  is found in both the pack man and sod manuals:|
Shades of doom immerses the gamer in a world of action and suspense.
Pack man talks immerses the gamer in a   world of fast movement and
I noticed that this statement is not in the sarah manual. What would you
call it in the sarah manual, also action and  suspense?
Guys let me Tell you something. This post is mainly to make sure that I will
be a happy customer.
Let me  quickly relate something. Here in south  Africa if you visit  a
music store you are allowed to listen to a cd before buyhing it.
If I found a cd which I like then I can have a listen to it. The customer
personnel will insert the cd into a hifi in the shop and then hand me the
head phones and remote and show me where to press for forwards and backwards
Then I can  listen to each song on the cd, not entirely, just a piece and I
can skip it whenever I want to go over to the next song.
With this example I would like to say to phil that I hope the demo will
give me a feeling what the entire game is like.
I'm bringing this up as phil said the library  is not in the demo.
I'm afraid of something when I buy the game phil.
Say for instance I play the demo of sarah and I like it: picking up magical
objects and scaring creatures and now I buy the game.
Now it  happens that later on in a later chapter the game gets  extremely
complex and I find that its not my kind of game. Well yes then I supported
the developer  financially  but I bought a game which isn't my kind of game.
I'm afraid of one thing phil: let me put it this wayh: the library; is it a
set of e-books read by the sarah   voice upon which I have to base game
In other words do I have to listen to a narrating of a book for an hour and
then understand what the book says and then play the game according to
that?" or is the library only short pieces of information?
For example: I walk into  the library. I approach nick, I scare  him with a
spell. I walk further into  the library, I hear sarah announces an object.
When I get closer its an information titbit on how to use a spell.
I pick up the item and I go into my inventory and I press x on the booklet
and sarah reads to me a little booklet on how to use a spell?
Or is it working like this:
I walk into the library. Sarah a nnounces an object. I pick it up. I go into
my inventory.
The moment I press x an hour of narrating precedes after which game  play
That's what I'm afraid of.   It will be nice if the library is only little
pieces of information that helps me in game play like the messages in sod.
Hay phil
How does the footsteps in sarah sound like? Is it also the same footstep
sound as in sod?
The marauder's map: if I have to solemnly promise that I'm up to no good: do
I have to answer yes by typing y on the keyboard?
Appologies  if I confused any one with these lots of questions, but I'm
overly excited about sarah, my stomach is tturning around of excitement.

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