Hi all,
I know to some of you this might be stupid, but, maybe to some this will be 
useful, as I think I've at last understood how to navigate the inform hints 
system. Basically, it's very easy, all you do is, enter or "return" as 
inform puts it, moves you to a new level, while q moves you backwards, and 
the > sign indicates the subject you will choose. What I mean is, type 
"hint" and you get a long list, such as, "inside the House", "About the 
author", "Outside the house", etc. Then, you move through that list by 
pressing "n" for next subject, so, if I were to just press the enter, it 
would show me a sub-section of hints for "inside the house", but if I were 
to press n, it would move the subject to "about the author" and pressing 
enter would then show me about the author. So, if I want hints for "outside 
the house", I'd press N twice, then enter. Then I get to a subsection of 
hints, like "How do I get over the fence?", "How do I get Past the Dog?" 
"How d    o I break the Window?", and, again, I cycle through these hints by 
pressing n, and the hint I want to see the answer to I press Enter. When I 
want to go a level back or return to game, I just press q over and over 
until I'm in the game again.
Hope this helps someone else as well.

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