Hi gamers,
For those of you who don't know or haven't yet seen the BCT podcast, a new 
accessible game has been released.
It is called Mississippi, from http://www.mar-dy.com.
Here is the description straight from the site:

Mississippi - a trading simulation for all adventurers

Mississippi is a trading simulation which starts in 1770 in the wild west of 
good old America.
One day you receive a letter, that your uncle who's living in America has died 
and bequeaths you his whole properties. That means 50 square meters of 
1000 $ and 50 grain. The letter tells you also, that you are born in America, 
but your Mother where gone back shortly after you where born.
After reading the letter you decide to jump at this chance. You leave your old 
home and emigrate to the new world.
You have to buy and sell your goods, build kontors in several towns, build 
wagons, and earn money. And, if you are good enough, be at least president of
America. But, as in real live, there are good and bad news, some for yourself, 
some for all players. E.g. you can win a lot of money, or all your wagons
could not leave your HQ and so you won't get goods for this round.

You can play the game with 5 persons. And, that's a very interesting fact, you 
can play it with sighted people together.

There is much music, and most of the news are spoken. The game itself is not 
self-voicing, so you need a screenreader to play it. We have tested it with
Window-Eyes and JAWS and it works properly. If not, feel free to ask, and we 
will see what we can do in the code to solve problems.

It is a demo game, allowing you to play the first four years and limiting some 
cassino games. The game is 10 Euros, that's about £8 GBP.
I have downloaded the game and am very happy with it, I purchased it after an 
hour of playing.
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