Hi Tyler,
Well, the best way to know if your HP works with Linux is to grab the
Ubuntu 8.04  cd and boot into live mode. Live mode allows you to run a
minimal Linux os off the cd which allows yyou to test the os with your
hardware, recover files, and so on. Obviously, it runs much slower in
live mode than an actual install, but I use that feature a lot when
evaluating what hardware works, needs drivers, and trouble shooting any
possible issues before I run an install. Generally, Compaq, HP, and Del
computers do well with Ubuntu.
As far as your computer being an older machine as long as it was made in
the last 5 years or so Ubuntu should run fine on it. Linux is not a
resource hog like Vista. The Linux system I am running right now is a
1.2 GHZ Intel Pentium, with 512 MB of ram, and a 80 GB hard drive. Not
enough power to run Vista well, but Ubuntu took to it like a duck  in
water. In other words it works fine.

On Sun, 2008-08-17 at 23:48 -0600, constantine (on laptop) wrote:
> I'm running xp pro on all my machines. If I ever get a sony vaio, it won't 
> have vista- I hate it. I only wonder how much longer sony will be providing 
> drivers for xp, sigh. I'd love to run Ubuntu on this HP laptop, I just don't 
> know if I'll be able to get drivers for it- better yet, run it on an older 
> desktop I have. I agree with you about the motherboard, that's dumb- buy a 
> new license? No way! And Microsoft office- I don't even have it hear. People 
> are telling me get ms office! at school. I tell them to give me 400 dollars 
> and I will. I hardly use excel, power point and whatnot. I'm proficient 
> enough with them, so why bother buying something I'll never use when they're 
> is a free alternitive? In terms of games, I only mud, it would have been 
> neat to see VMud go to linux.
> Have a good day from Tyler C. Wood!

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