finally after I got my email working, I can post this.
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Subject: sound pack update!                                                     
Sender: Bastian Jiles                                                           
Date: Wed Aug 29 19:11:29 2353 GST                                              
Reference: 5184                                                                 
Hey guys, just when you thought the sweet sounds Liam and comapny made for 
Miriani couldn't get any sweeter, introducing the sou
nd pack extention.                                                              
Just go to:                                                                     
Download the file, and if you already have the sounds from version 
6, extract the zip file over the old miriani fold
er. All new sounds include:                                                     
slapping, punching, kicking, smacking and kissing as well as subwarp, slip 
drive, ftl drive, laser reflectors and solar pannels,
 repair sounds, new laser and cannon sounds, artifact detection and asteroid 
detection beeps, hatch bomb and docking sounds.    
There's more, but I can't remember it all.                                      
Oh, and just so they don't have to:                                             
Toastsoft is not responsible for anything about these files. They don't have 
anything to do with them at all, and claim no respo
nsibility for them.                                                             
If you good sighted folks want to join in, If the moo client you use uses xml 
files, you can join in the fun too. Trust me, you'
ll love it.                                                                     
copy end.
well this isn't available on the link supplied, so my question is: does anyone 
have this? if so then could you please upload it on sendspace or send it to me?

I really would appreciate this.
Regards, peter.
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