Well, to be fair Linux really is the power users os. Linux has ben 
steadily getting more user friendly since it does have a graphical 
desktop environment very close to Windows in similarity. However, any 
Linux user worth his or her sault sooner or later should know some basic 
shell commands for one reason or another.
Now, if you do have the root account active in Ubuntu 8.04 you could 
select the Cynaptics package manager from the admin pull down menu and 
browse for the Sun-java6-jre in the tree view, check it,and click 
install. This is generally what my sighted Linux counter parts do. So 
technically speaking one would not necessarily have to use the 
commandline based commands I provided earlier. It is just faster in my 
opinion to run the applications from the command line in a terminal 
window than to logout of my user acount, login as root, fire up 
Cynaptics, and search the package listings for the Sun Java 6 runtime 
environment, etc.
As far as preference goes I think there hasn't been a piece of software 
made that was right for everyone. Some people prefer Jaws, and others 
don't. Some prefer Windows, and some don't. Some like Linux and others 
don't. Some live by Macs, and some Windows users can't stand them. So it 
is all about options and choices, and not about who is right, who is 
wrong, or which is necessarily the superior software.

piotru[ wrote:
> well I'm not a programer, but It indeed sounds complex!
> If I was up to switching to linux then I would faster pay for a mac and have 
> no woories that I don't know those looooooooong terminal commands.
> Linux looses in this that you need to know these commands.
> I was listening to a podcast on bct about it and I had to switch it off, 
> other wise I would end up sleeping.
> those commands have no meanings, It would be easier if those people would 
> make the commands more close to real words like get this, delete this etc.
> Sorry if i'm wrong. but I won't even try linux.

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