Parish the thought. Actually, believe it or not edlin is still around, 
and comes installed with the FreeDos operating system. The edlin that 
comes with FreeDos is actually nicer than the MS version because it is 
not restricted to a 8.3 character file name, and has some added line 
editing commands.
Also someone has created an edlin clone for Linux servers that works a 
lot like the classic MS Dos version of edlin. The Linux edlin line 
editor is a lot like the FreeDos version with the support for large file 
names, extra commands, and can be included in Linux shell scripts to do 
specific editing tasks on the fly.
As far as writing an entire game in edlin no thanks. That would be a 
nightmare to think about. However, edlin would come in handy for 
debugging programs for the simple fact you can easily jump to a specific 
line and edit that line from anywhere in the source file. There is a 
Unix/Linux line editor called Vi which comes in handy for the fact I can 
do something like vi +35 Program.java which will open the java source 
file and place me on line 35 in the program. It is really slick, and 
most of the younger kids on this list haven't used any text editors more 
difficult than notepad, and would drop dead with a heart attack if they 
had to use an honest to goodness line editor like we used on Dos and 
Unix systems years before the graphical user interface came into being. 

Charles Rivard wrote:
> I used to be, but that was a while back.  Wouldn't it be a real bear to 
> write programs using edlin?  (grin)
> ---
> Pretty is as pretty does

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