Hello All,

>From my long time as a star Conquest player, (Michael McCoder, be glad he 
doesn't play), and my farther time on Miriani, I will state a few things. 
Please, and I'm not meaning to offend some people, however, i feel that the 
game has a right to be defended.

With this, let me begin by saying, yes.  It is a PVP game.  Yes.  You're 
gonna get shot at, and probably stranded a time or two.  Notice how I said a 
time or two, and people on this list have said like 10 a week.  Let me 
explain farther.

You're acting like a winer.  Please.  Don't take this the wrong way without 
explaining.  I would like certain people to write on your checklist, and I'd 
also like you to keep this in mind.  Have you been stranded for a reason? 
I'd bet most of you can say yes.  Even the players that play.  Now onto the 
farther questions.
Have you commented about it on chatter, insulted your stranders?  I bet 
again some have said yes.  Have you acted like a complete helpless person 
and asked for help 400000000 times, or have you simply got up, dusted 
yourself off, and simply moved on, gotten help from a friend, or asked 
someone over private comms to get you?
   I deliberately asked this question for last, due to the fact of what I'm 
about to say.  Miriani is a game of survival of the fittest.  People get a 
kick on bullying people like those people that could simply answer yes to 
the questions above, because they get easy money. They lean on you, get your 
money, and leave you alone for a few days, and rince and repeat.  I knwo 
that's not many people's type of game, however, this is why I say this. 
Fight back!  Yes I know you can't fight a battlecruiser in a fighter, 
however, you can go out with a bang, and take your punnishment, deserved or 
not, in style.  Refuse to pay them, refuse to cooperate.  If you cooperate, 
you're gonna go down as either a carebear or a, well, due to language 
restrictions, I can't finish that sentence.
This way, if you take it, and show you've got a backbone and are willing to 
resist, people will eventually move onto easier targets, and guess what? 
You'll even gain some respect!  Not only that, but you can take the extra 
time off that you're forced to get, and review the situation and decide what 
you did well, and what you didn't do.  Let me set an example.
Jack strands you  You're staring on high guard, and were thinking "I'm only 
going to get a glass of water," well guess what.  You could have taken the 
extra second to enter your ship.  It only takes a max of 3 seconds to subdue 
a person without followers enough to get them to a secure location.
Let's move onto space combat.  You sit there in a fighter and are moving 
across the sector...into a field of prox mines.  You never scanned, you just 
kept moving to 1, 1, 1, then to 20, 15, 10.  Well, your error is this.  I'm 
going to let you figure it out.  It'll help you.

All and all, Miriani is a game that you need to have some backbone and real 
dedication to ge there.  Shouting this sucks either gets you banned, or 
laughed at and picked on more.  Let's take Mauricio for an example.  He's 
still here, and can handle himself well?  Know why?  Cause jerks have ran 
him through his share of turrets, drones, and blwon up his share of ships. 
He gets up, dusts off his clothes, and rebuilds, stronger and more able to 
fight another day than he was the last time.  If you don't have that 
attitude, please, don't play Miriani, because you'll just end up giving us 
that enjoy the game a headache.  If you don't like the game for another 
reason, that's fine, but I don't think stunning and stranding should deture 
you from the game.  For those of you tha do like it, what do you think about 
this post here.  Am I right, or am I wrong.

SOrry it's lengthy,


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