Hi Patrick,
I have to agree here that a game is after all just a game. When you get 
into the player verses player, pvp, kind of game you get a much wider 
group of players that are each looking for something different out of 
that game. I think many of the, shall we say complainers, haven't had 
much experience dealing with the pvp style of play where part of the fun 
is trying to evade and escape from those bloody pirates who will blast 
your ship, leave you stranded, or otherwise terrorize your online 
character. It is just a game, and I personally think pvp play is more 
fun, because not all the enemies or trouble makers aren't AI driven drones.
So what if you want to play the part of a dirty pirate? All that means 
is a player needs to be on guard, take proper safety precautions, and if 
they get blown up they can start over and work their way back up again. 
Challenging, but makes the game more interesting. We all win some we all 
lose some.


Patrickk Brown wrote:
> Greetings,
> My name is PATRICK BROWN and I play a CHARACTER named PATRICK
> FITZPATRICK on a game called MIRIANI. I've noticed that a lot of you
> wish to complain about me by name on this e-mail list, and Miriani in
> general. To explain, Miriani is a player versus player role playing
> game. So while you may play the role of the tea sipping partier who
> hauls the occasional asteroid, I choose to play the dirty, rotten,
> low-down space pirate. Sure, you have a right to play the game as you
> wish, but I also have the right to play as I wish. Do I complain your
> tea parties? No, I crash them. So don't complain about mine. If you
> want to have undisturbed tea parties in outer space, go find a non-pvp
> space oriented game. I'm sorry Patrick Fitzpatrick makes all your
> Miriani lives miserable. Hell I even tried to tone it down because
> people were crying and whining so much. Why don't you come fight back?
> O NOES I have a battle-cruiser! Its so impossible! I was stomping you
> people in carriers and transversers, do you really think its the ship?
> Wow, I have a mighty occupancy scanner and a couple of laser rooms. Oh
> no, so much better than a gunship. Also, conspiring against my
> character on some e-mail list? Meta-gaming much? You people really
> need to grow up. Honestly, none of you would last five minutes on Star
> Conquest with Michael McCoder after you. Miriani is a great game, I
> love it, everyone should just play and not complain so much. PEACE OUT

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