Are you ready for some Football!
Or should I say a lot of football fun.
Well, your blind friends and their friends and family members are huddling 
together for the 
fourth annual accessible NFL Pool.
This year the pool is going Straight up.
No point spreads to consider just pick the team you think will win.
No fees to play in the pool.

Rush to the link below to get started.

On the playball.was web site enter on the accessible NFL Pool link.
When your on the Straight Up pool page hit the Enter your Picks page link.
Add your nickname to the combo by press on the "NEW" button.
You may need to allow this script to run, so press the Alt key and the letter 
This will bring you to the info bar.  Press the space bar to open the menu.
Hit enter on the allow menu item.
You may be prompted with a yes or no prompt, select yes.
Now do the "NEW" button.
No need to enter form mode just type in your nickname and tab to OK.
You will now see your nickname in the combo box.
Next you will need to input an email address so you can get your picks sent to 
you and emails from me.
Next give your account a password.
Please make it a simple password like "GoJets" or "fumble".
The passwords are not encrypted which allows me and only me to see passwords in 
case password problems come up.
So no password that you may use for say your banks, just something simple to 
remember for you.

Making your picks are done by using combo boxes.  High light the team you think 
will win and tab to the next one.
Near the bottom of the  page you can check if you want the picks sent to you 
and a combo box to select type of email (html or text).
For text readers the best choice is text.
Then hit the submit button.
Each week I send out emails letting you know when its time to make your next 
week picks.
At the end of the season the person with the most points wins the grand prize.
What's that, check the details in the prize link and how to play in the Rules 

Crash your accessible pool master
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