Hi Miloš,
Pyvox 3 is a free maze game for one or two players.
It is the last game of a series made during a PhD about audiogames. The free 
game Tampokme was one of them (find the link "Télécharger
    Tampokme" if you want it). Others game are not free but with a protection 
system which require major improvement in term of accessibility : that is the 
reason why you do not heard about Pyvox 1 and 2. I am sincerily sorry about 
that. Pyvox 1, 2 and Tampokme are written in python script. Pyvox 3 is in C++.
Sorry to make few post about it during the PhD. Let's say that I am a
little shy. I think it is more usefull to come here with good news
about games that about written papers.
In Pyvox 3, the two players can play simultaneously.
Commands for player one : just use the arrow key.
Commands for player two : h for up, b for down, v for left and n for right.
Space bar or enter : pause the game.
For those who can see : there is a visual description of the game. Don't look 
at it otherwise, the challenge loose his interest.
For downloading the Pyvox 3, use this link :
and find on the next page the link named Téléchargez
    Pyvox 3 / Download Pyvox 3
I hope you will enjoy the game. Comments are welcome.
Thomas Gaudy

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   When you sent the link for the game, why didn't you give us a short 
description? I always want to know what the game about is, is it a shoter, 
an arcade game, rpg... so that is the one reason which I use to decide if 
the game is worth downloading, as well as probably most of us gamers.
   So, please, what the game is about, and what is the objective of it?
   Best regards,
         Miloš Pržić
skipe: milosh-hs
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> Hello all.
> The game does not use verbal instruction so anybody have the same chance 
> to understand it. I do not say it will be easy the first time but just 
> make a try.
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> hi thomas,
> i'm downloading this game now.
> but the game comes in both languages -- french and english? or just
> french?
> if the game are just in french,what you think getting a group of peoples
> to translate it to english?
> best regards,
> Matheus
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> Hello all.
> A new audiogame is available here :
> http://www.ceciaa.com/?cat=lois&page=pyvox3
> It is named Pyvox 3.
> I hope you will enjoy it.
> Thomas Gaudy

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