Hi Kevin,
Well, there are several ways of packing sound files, and the method you 
would choose would depend on what you are looking for in a packing utility.
The first method I know of is the pak file format designed for Quake 1. 
If you are aiming for security I would not use the pak file format, 
because the pak file format is now open source and is available to 
everyone. In fact, even a non-programmer can open pak files with a nifty 
tool called Pak Explorer used for creating and extracting pak files.
Another method is you could add a feature to your games that extracts 
sound files from an encrypted zip file to a temporary directory during 
runtime, and then deletes all of your sounds etc when the game closes. 
The advantage here is you can get good compression on your files, keep 
people out of the zip archive, and is ok for low to medium security. The 
down side is since you extract files to a hidden temporary directory if 
someone catches on to where the files are they can get the sounds anyway.
If you are looking for really good security you might want to use a 
program such as Molebox. Molebox allows you to pack all of your sounds, 
images, and even your game's *.exe file into an encrypted *.exe file 
that will keep all but the very determined cracker out. On the down side 
it is very expensive software.
Now, I am not certain if this works for Visual Basic 6, but in Visual 
C++ 6 I use to be able to compile the sound effects directly into my 
*.exe or *.dll file. I would open the sounds in VC++, add them to the 
program resources, add the names of the *.wav files to resource.h, and 
when I compiled they would be included in the *.exe  file and couldn't 
easily be obtained by crackers. At least not your average script kitties.

Kevin Weispfennig wrote:
> Hi.
> In a cupple of games, like the great toy robery, are all the sounds from 
> the game in one file. How can i make such a file and how can i do that 
> Visual Basic 6 will load the sounds from this file? But the most 
> question is: how can i make such a file?

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