Hi Thomas,

Yes, I would think so.  I have always just used individual sound files.  Not 
only the resources but all of the work that it sounds like it would take to 
have DirectX or whatever know where each part started and stopped.  But hey 
Kevin asked, so I told him of one way that I know of to combine wave files.  
For mp3 files you can just use the /b switch with the copy command and just 
copy them together.

We finally got full power back on.  Pretty strange that the battery powered 
lights and alarm were going off.  They usually run out of juice after an hour 
or two.  They must have been getting just enough electricity to keep them 
running for like 14 hours.


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Hi Jim,
That is a resource intensive way of loading and playing sound effects in 
a game that might have hundreds of sound effects. In a sense you would 
have to have several sound buffers load that sound and then use start 
and stop points to play the specific sound you wanted. That is a fairly 
memory and processor intensive way of handling audio playback in a game.

Jim Kitchen wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> In Gold Wave press control a to select the entire wave file then control c to 
> copy it to the buffer.  Now open the next wave file and paste in the one that 
> you copied to the buffer.  That is press control p.  Keep doing this until 
> you have them all in one large wave file.
>      Jim
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