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Sep. 18, 2008


Hello gamers,
Welcome to the September issue of the USA Games news letter. Quite a bit 
of news is happening lately, and we decided to send this one out a 
little earlier than usual to keep you informed of the latest changes, 
updates, and late breaking news. This should prove to be a short but 
very informative news letter. So don't touch that dial it is news time.

7-128 Game Book

As of Sep. 17, 2008 USA Games is now an official reseller of the 7-128 
Game Book created and maintained by 7-128 Software. If you have not 
tried or already own the 7-128 Game Book here is a quick summary of the 
7-128 Game Book from the USA Games web site.
The Perceptions edition of the Game Book includes FIVE games. The Game 
Book and all
FIVE games work with JAWS and also self-voice.

Inspector Cyndi in Newport – Death Nell

Nell Langtree, the Worthington’s Upstairs Maid has been found dead in 
the Worthington
library. There is no obvious cause, but Constable Duffy suspects foul play!
Newport, Rhode Island in the 1890's is the summer home to the Astors, 
and Morgans, the Worthingtons, Statelys, and the Huffingtons.
You are a Detective with the Newport Police. Inspector Cyndi is a world 
famous crime
solver on loan from Vienna, in the Austro-Hungarian empire, here to 
assist you. Travel
around Newport questioning witnesses. Watch Cecil Worthington play 
tennis at the
Newport Casino. Walk along the Cliff Walk with Lady Worthington. Bother 
Junior Worthington
at the Newport Reading Room.
Ten suspects. Was it Townsend the butler? Was it O’Brien, the 
Worthington horse trainer
with radical leanings? Our young girl players are convinced it was Young 
Billy, O’Brien’s
assistant. Identify the Culprit. Determine their Motive, Opportunity, 
and Method.
Solve the crime.

Kim’s Game

In Rudyard Kipling’s book, Kim, a boy was challenged to memorize a set 
of objects,
and then to pick those objects out of a larger set of objects.
Kim’s Game challenges your memory. There are ten levels, each with an 
number of objects to remember. Of course, you could select the Easy 
button and reduce
the number of objects by half.


How sharp is your knowledge of what words mean? The definition game will 
your understanding of the meaning of words. Select the definition that 
best fits
with the word you are shown. Speed and accuracy will give you the 
highest score.


Can you unscramble the letters and make the correct word? Can you beat 
the clock?


Can you complete the word? Can you complete a much harder word? Try it 
and see.

You can download a 7 day evaluation version of the 7-128 Game Book from 
our products & services page
or you can buy the full 7-128 Game Book from the USA Games store
for $25.00 USD.
If you own the 7-128 Game Book already you can purchase more great 
Inspector Cyndi mysteries from 7-128 on
The 7-128 Game Book requires a system running either Windows 98, 
Millennium, 2000, XP, or Windows Vista. You should have at least a 
Pentium 166 MHZ processor or better, 256 MB of available RAM, a sound 
card and speakers for the 7-128 game voice, 100 MB free hard drive 
space, and a screen resolution of 800 by 600 if using the game voice or 
Jaws, or a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 if viewing the screen visually.

USA Games Web Site

Many of you have reported broken links on the USA Games frequently asked 
questions page. We are happy to announce the broken links to the DirectX 
and .NET Framework have been corrected on the frequently asked questions 
page, and now should work for everyone.
Also a lot of you requested that we put links for the DirectX and .NET 
Framework downloads on our products & services page. As of yesterday the 
products & services page has direct links to the .NET Framework 3.5 
upgrade for Windows XP and Vista, and there is a DirectX June 2008 
upgrade for Windows XP and Vista users. You can visit
to download these updates from the Star Trek Final Conflict system 
requirements section.
Finally, the USA Games store is once again open for business. At present 
only the 7-128 Game book is on sale, but we hope to be adding some new 
titles for sale in the near future. So stay tuned for news on this.

Tomb Hunter I
Mysteries of the Ancients

Some of you have been asking our info address about this title over the 
passed few weeks, and here is a brief summary where we are at present.
As most of you are aware USA Games is presently engaged in porting this 
title to the Sun Java 6 language. For the most part the conversion from 
Microsoft's Visual C# language to Java is going quite well. Unlike the 
Visual C# version of the engine the Java based version will be built 
using the USA Games Genesis 3D engine. So as a result most of the work 
at the moment is actually porting Genesis 3D to Java, testing the 
engine, and then making a few modifications to build 2D side-scrollers 
with the engine instead of full blown 3D FPS games as the Genesis 3D 
engine is intended for.
Beyond that there isn't really a lot we can report. We have been working 
as fast as we can to get this title ready for release by the end of this 
year, but there have been many interruptions to our work schedule that 
has largely impeded our attempts to get this title done in a timely 
fashion. Just this week a storm caused by Hurricane Ike in northern Ohio 
knocked our power out for a couple of days. As a result time that could 
have been spent working on our titles was spent waiting for the electric 
company to restore power to our apartment. This has been one of many 
similar disruptions we have had to deal with this year. So as always 
please bare with us, and we will get this title completed as soon as we can.

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