Hi everyone,

I'm a daily reader of Audyssey but mainly a lurker when it comes to posting.
The list has been a little quiet over the weekend, so I thought I'd share
the latest developments with my game. Entombed is coming along. I've been
working on it about 6 months now and have completed about 5 test builds that
I've sent to testers. For anyone who isn't familiar with the game concept,
I'll briefly describe it.

Entombed has hallmarks of rogue-like games. A rogue-like game is a genre of
games that usually pits the player in tactical combat in a fantasy dungeon.
The player has to overcome numerous challenges and conquer the dungeon with
ingenuity. Rogue-likes are famous for two aspects: 1 - they're fiendishly
difficult, and 2 - they're wonderfully re-playable. No two games are ever
alike because all rogue-like games incorporate random dungeon layouts.

The challenge was to get this working as a self-voicing game. Navigating a
dungeon by sound that changes with every game is tough. I think I've done
okay so far with the dungeon layout, but there are many improvements coming
for that.

I wanted to write a gamer's game. Something a fan could really sink their
teeth into and enjoy. Something with depth and complexity. This has been
both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because a lot of unexpected things
happen in my game engine and it usually makes me laugh (like when I threw my
sword at a goblin, only to have him pick it up and use it on me), and a
curse because development is absolutely brain crushingly difficult
sometimes. I'm not backing down on the depth though. The game will have
everything I wanted to have in it. No cutting corners and taking the easy
way out.

Another inspiration, which I think would make an excellent audio game, was a
game on the old Intellivision system (circa 1980) called Cloudy Mountain.
Cloudy Mountain was way ahead of its time and featured a little guy with a
bow and arrow tackling random dungeons (in this case mountains) to gather
equipment he needed to assemble some artifact or something. What was great
about Cloudy Mountain were the sounds. You could hear dragons, demons, and
snakes before they knew where you were. It was tense and exciting.

So what lurks in the dungeons of Entombed? Well, I'll give you a hint: If
you can hear it breathing down the hall... better go the other way.

Entombed is currently in alpha testing and hopefully due for release last
this year.

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