For the heck of it, I set up a game in which my Radio Shack tabletop chess 
machine's time was set to 40 moves in 2 hours, and the BG Chess program was 
set on it's highest skill level.  BG Chess moves almost immediately, and 
there is no way to set the time restrictions, because there aren't any. 
(grin)  Radio Shack played the White pieces in this game.  Here's the 
result, as recorded by BG Chess:

Wednesday September 24, 2008
  You played WHITE
Computer played BLACK
  1. c4      c5
  2. Nc3     Nf6
  3. Nf3     d5
  4. cxd5    Nxd5
  5. g3      Nc6
  6. Bg2     Bf5
  7. Nxd5    Qxd5
  8. Nh4     Be4
  9. f3      Bf5
 10. e4      Bxe4
 11. fxe4    Qd3
 12. e5      Nxe5
 13. Bxb7    Rd8
 14. Nf3     Nc4
 15. Bc6+    Rd7
 16. Qb3     Qxb3
 17. axb3    Nd6
 18. Rxa7    Nb7
 19. Rxb7    e6
 20. Ng5     Resigns

Pretty is as pretty does. 

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