i got my copy of smugglers 4 registered eventually.
however now i'm having fun with ship to ship combat.
i actually find this system a hell of a lot less user friendly than the one in 
smugglers 3.
my main problem is actually focusing on options with the jaws cursor in order 
to click them.
for example, i no my ship has guns but i find it virtually impossible to find 
the guns option to click them.
also, i'm finding that several options at least according to jaws are read over 
several lines like the trackter beam options.
my other main problem is that if i find a line on that has an option i want to 
click, and i have the jaws cursor on, when i use control left or control right 
to try to jump across the line to click it i get jumped to completely different 
bits of the screen.
so is the ship combat screen one that still has to be made accessible?
or is this one he has claimed to have made accessible as i really am not 
finding this screen friendly. a drop down menu would have been far more easy to 
work with or a few menus. if this screen is one he has said is accessible i 
want my money back.
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