AddictMUD has been around for 12+ years and has a very stable code
base, robust areas and a simple interface. It is based somewhat on the
Dragaera novels by Stephen Brust. There are many other areas in the
game dedicated to many different genres, some examples being Olympus,
Rome, Ender's Game, Dragonlance, Japan, Narnia and many, many more,
including unique areas. In terms of playability for the blind, I don't
know from personal experience, however a couple of my blind friends
have tried it and said it was easy to play using a screen reader. You
can play two characters at once, and create any number of characters.
There is pretty much no ceiling on how much you can improve your
character through leveling and remorting (going back to level one at a
certain level and gaining stats/extra equipment slots/special
abilities). There are also quests, both immortal run and integrated, a
bazaar system to buy and sell equipment and many other features. The
game is a non-PK game, there is no player versus player involved
except for the very occasional Total Carnage, in which the game is
backed up and people are allowed to kill and loot each other with no
drawback, as the game is restored afterward. There aren't a TON of
players, but there is a stable community of very helpful, nice people.
I think that anyone looking for a fun, ever-changing environment, they
should check out AddictMUD. Check out

Here is the address and port to the game itself: port: 4000


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