Hi Will,
Not at this time. I've been completely redesigning the Mysteries of the Ancients engine to suppport the new creatures, story line, and redesigning all the levels from scratch. I've also had to make modifications to the enemy AI to support different weapons, speed, whatever. The centaurs are obviously going to be much faster than say a skeleton, and like in the Tomb Raider games I gave them the magical power of throwing fire balls at Angela Carter. The skeletons will attack you with swords, and I'm still trying to work on the third group of enemies. I want to add harpies to the game, but can't find the sound of flapping wings that sounds realistic enough to use. If I do add Harpies they will have the power of flight as well as be able to attack you with claws or I can give them a magic power like in the Tomb Raider games where they throw lightning bolts at you. To add to that I have some new music on order for the game, but I am waiting for In addition to that I have ordered some new music for the game, but I have to wait until November 1 to actually pay for it. In the mean time I have been making do by wrippping and using some of the music from the Tomb Raider games in place of the music i will be shipping with the game. By copyright law I can't obviously share sounds and music for Tomb Raider with the game, and all sounds and music must be original or specially licenced. Anyway, the point is right now the engine is undergoing extensive upgrades, modifications, and is not even stable for day to day testing let alone for a public Alpha or Beta right now. I'll certainly make the appropriate announcements when the time comes closer to a public release. As far as pre-ordering goes no one who has purchased Montezuma's Revenge or Montezuma's Return will have to pay for the game. They should be able to enter their product keys and it will activate the full game when 1.0 is released.

William Lomas wrote:
hi tom
isn't it possible for us to play at least one level of MOTA for now at
i won't pre-order a game again as it has been about 2 years since i
ordered monty the original game
I am not attacking USA games as i understand the difficulties but no
games seem to be coming out for xmas and yet for the sighted they
always get loads
regards will

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