I have put a new file up on my site.

File name wingcfs6.exe  File size 78k bytes.

29 new golf courses
2 shots on rating 59, abbey mannor park, all under 200 rating 35, badger valley 
rating 82, booze and bites bonanza rating 70, Cay Cay Torture Course rating 70, 
dallas trouble zone rating 57, Devastation at Fantasy Ltd rating 79, Fantasy 
elite, forest green park rating 81, garrett island country club rating 74, 
insanity park rating 78, killer course rating 56, Kindergarten Practice Course 
rating 79, lakeside park invitational rating 79, not for the faint hearted 
rating 65, P M S at Fantasy Ltd rating 80, panic forst rating 72, Phantom at 
Fantasy Ltd rating 79, somer valey beach rating 72, TafN beginners rating 71, 
TafN Championship rating 79, tafn green country club rating 76, the great 
london tour rating 80, The Intimidator at Fantasy Ltd rating 80, Van Man's 
course rating 66, W K country club rating 69, widow maker rating 69, yeovil 
park rating 80

The file can be found on my free windows sapi5 text to speech games page.

Have fun.


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