hi gang.  Here's the latest news.  It's not much, but it'll answer a few
new games with version 1.2
I hope to be releasing super egg hunt 1l2 and the great toy robbery 1.2.
Here's some of the features I've added in both games.
what's new in super egg hunt   1.2
new sounds for chicken
new music thanks to Andre Louis
talking installer thanks for help from X-site Interactive
game now uses pb streamway
built-in talking configuration program.
updated scoreboards
less load on processors
multiple copies can't be run at the same time.
i, k, j, and l can be used instead of arrows.
new and much better footsteps
scores are now saved, and your personal highscore is kept.
what's new in v1.2?
game is written using pb streemway
game will no longer crash on random systems
added talking config
added talking installer
more toys
you are no longer transported to the top right corner of the grid when santa
new scoreboard system.
As you can see, I've been fairly busy.  No release date ahs been confirmed
on the new titles, as I have to wait for the completion of PB Streemway
before anythign can be released. 
what's with those random projects we hear about:
I get asked questions about various random projects, so I figgured I'd
dispell what ever rumors were circulating and give an update on what I'm
working on and what I'm not working on.
super liam 2:
For right now, there are no future plans to release super Liam 2.  It's
deffinitly hinted at in the end of the first game that there will be a
sequel, and this is very possible.  As of right now, I have no official
judgment day 1.5:
As soon as streemway is released to the public, I plan on releasing updated
free games, and then focusing my attention on Judgment day 1.5.  among
planned features are: bug fixes, possibly one or two new bonus games, new
trophies, possible joystick support, and more.  don't forget you can always
send suggestions for features that should be added.  I certainly can't
promise that I'll add every feature that is suggested, but I take all
comments and suggestions seriously.
that really cool fighting game on the podcast:
What I receive the most emails about is that awesome sounding fighting game
that I posted a sample of on the podcast.  People want to know what it is,
where they can get it, and if it's availible.  First off, it's the basics of
an engine I was building.  The working engine's name is street brawl, but
this certainly doesn't mean that that is what the game will be called.  I
have no plans to make any concept demos availible in the near future.  As a
bit of history, the original engine I had written three years ago and
demonstrated in Salt Lake City Utah.  You'd think that with the overwelming
reaction I received, I would of continued producting it.  I suppose it's
just one of those many projects I forgot about.
bar games:
Probably the most frustrating project for me is bar games.  It's rare that I
ever started building a game that I really didn't enjoy, but Bar games is
the exception to that.  It's been very frustrating to work on it, as I don't
seem to ahve any real direction to take it in.  I hope that in the future I
can do somethign with it, but as of righ tnow.  I just don't know.
Development blog and podcast:
Did you know that there's ablog and a podcast full of interesting tid bits
from me?  The blog contains random thoughts from the development process of
games, and the podcast contains exclusive sneak peaks and new games and
features.  It's very simple to check it out.  Go to
if you want to subscribe to the podcast directly, you can use
Finally, If you use the klango player.  Add the LWorks podcast to your
Look for more exciting updates in future, and keep watching the lists, and
the blog for updates and posts.
Liam Erven
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